NT8E28AA and NT8E28AC

December 20, 2021
by Peter Szoke

TruePulse would like to purchase NT8E28AA and NT8E28AC for the Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE.  This system is alternately called the FDN2400, or the Classic OC-48, Optera, MOR or MOR Plus.  You may possibly know these modules as the Ciena NT8E28AA and Ciena NT8E28AC.

The NT8E28AA, HECI code SNPQACS, is a Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE Code Server.

The NT8E28AC, HECI code SNPQACU, is a Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE Code Server.

The Nortel S/DMS OC-48 network element operates a maximum of 48 STS-1 signals (or equivalent) for each OC-48 optical channel.

One can configure the OC-48 terminal shelf with a mixture of DS3, STS-1, OC-3, STM-1J, STS-12, OC-12, and Optera Packet Edge System (2x1000SX, or iPT1000) tributaries. But the STM-1J and Packet Edge tribs are only supported on GR-1230 Rings.

With double-width OC-3 interface circuit packs, three STS-1 timeslots are available per quadrant in a protected configuration or six STS-1 timeslots in an unprotected configuration. An OC-48 network element loaded with four protected double-width OC-3 interfaces supports at most 12 add-drop STS-1 connections. An OC-48 network element equipped with eight unprotected double-width OC-3 interfaces supports a maximum of 24 add-drop STS-1 connections. The maximum number of bidirectional working channels for a fully equipped multi-shelf 1:N system is 11. The largest number of add-drop multiplexer (ADM) nodes in a GR-1230 Ring is 16 as per the Telcordia (or  Bellcore) GR-1230-CORE standard for two-fiber bidirectional line-switched rings.

In addition to the NT8E28AA and NT8E28AC, TruePulse would like to acquire many other modules for the Nortel S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE.  We are also interested in modules from other Nortel platforms, including the OM 6500, the DMS-100, the Connect DX and the Optera Metro 5100/5200.  Please contact us about any decommissioned Nortel Central Office equipment that you have.

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