August 26, 2022
by Sean

TruePulse is looking for WSPG02B and WSPG03B OTUs for the Lucent WaveStar OLS 400G platform.

We are looking to purchase:

The WSPG02B, HECI code WMW6ZC0, is an OTU (optical translator unit) for the WaveStar OLS400G.  These may also be known as the Alcatel-Lucent WSPG02B, or the Nokia WSPG02B.

The WSPG03B, HECI code WMW6ZD0, is an OTU (optical translator unit) for the WaveStar OLS400G.  These may also be known as the Alcatel-Lucent WSPG03B, or the Nokia WSPG03B.

Lucent’s WaveStar OLS 400G is an ultra-dense wavelength-division multiplexing (ultra-DWDM) system that allows service providers to offer up to 80 channels of voice, data, and video information simultaneously over one fiber. Channel capacity is 400 Gbits/sec with a low error rate over a distance of up to 640 km. Able to support up to eight fibers, the 400G system offers a maximum bandwidth of 3.2 Tbits/sec. One fiber can support mixed rates of 2.5- and 10-Gbit/s Synchronous Optical Network/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy channels. More info on the Lucent WaveStar platforms is available at Nokia.

In addition to the WSPG02B and the WSPG03B, we are also looking for other WaveStar OLS400G OTUs, as well as well as modules for other Alcatel-Lucent platforms such as the 4ESS, the iMTN, the DACS II and the Metropolis DMX.  Indeed, let us know about any surplus Central Office equipment that you have available.

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